Friday, 25 May 2007

think tank

Are muses really all around us? I have been feeling so creatively deficient for a while but on my way to doing something different every day.

I need to boost marketing badly though. It's totally not working on Facebook! People hardly check the album. Anyway I will make it happen one way or another - I just need to organize myself properly.

A new blog site will take over from Chronicles and be the main work/business blog. This one will remain as a think tank, and goes deeper into work processes. Damn I have to organize my blogs too? Haha. I don't mind. It helps me to clear my thought processes. People may not check each blog, but I need it for myself mostly.

My creative slump made me do an hour of yoga/pilates this morning to clear my muddied brain cells. The oxygen was great so I did some work today. Hooray! Now if only I had DSL my productivity would increase exponentially. I am seriously suffering with this crap - really need to start making money. It's really too expensive on a no-income lifestyle.

Work is coming slowly but surely and I'm more planning business ventures than anything else. I have a few more goals to reach for the end of the month too. It's all coming back. I actually want to finish some of the old painting from last year's chakra series. I still have to post those up properly but I'm waiting for them to be done (to my liking) and then I can do sales and marketing.

I am also working on plans for other juicy things :) You'll see at some point hopefully within the next couple months.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I am going through a rather low phase in creativity. I don't know but I've been distracted. Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's just me, maybe it's a giant gargoyle with a piece of cheesecake. I don't know where I am and I feel so blue. Ok, purple. I like purple. Perhaps lavender.

I should be updating my site, making quirky little mid-twenties movies, peddling my wares, but I'm at home, on a sultry Wednesday evening, enjoying my holidays. I worked so hard in the past few months and even though I think I recovered from it, there's more to be done. I am a tad daunted by the fact that once I start over it won't slow down for a while.

I want to see the world again, to travel, see my friends in Timbuktu and such. I have to work to do that, but if I work, as a noob, I'll not get the chance to do what I want to do.

There was so much I had to do today that just didn't get done. Perhaps when the sun goes down baby.


Ok now the sun is down. I feel better. Much much better. My day is starting.

Saturday, 5 May 2007


How shitty is that? Pft. And they are probably wondering why I don't care anymore.
I'm officially a black sheep yayyy!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Well this is what it looked like when dad and I installed it week before last. They ruined it. :( Oh well. Moving along.

I heard there was a panel discussion yesterday at the museum? Wonder who went. I didn't even know that was for us to attend. I was sick and doing film stuff anyway. That's over hooray!

I know some folks didn't even go to the exhibition because their work wasn't displayed properly. How annoying. I wouldn't have either.

So there's one more presentation night then the nightmare is over. Hopefully there are no lasting impressions from that display. It wasn't the best.

Ugh. I have other plans now though. At least it's a start and I know what not to do next time.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

all's well?

I've managed to evade all manner of crowds and spotlight. Hooray! The opening was packed and I was just really happy to have a few close friends around. I hate how my piece looked - it looked better before. It's 50 feet for godsakes... like 8 feet is showing. What utter crapola. Dad told me after there are holes in the fabric where they ravaged it from the ceiling. I didn't even bother looking at it because it looks like shit. It took so long to put up! As museum people you'd think they'd be a little more careful with people's work.
I totally forgot to mount my drawings too - possibly why 2 out of 3 were kicked out. Hah! Bad me. Bad artist. Oh well. I just completely forgot, no one called me, and was WAY too busy and sick and annoyed to be there every day to overseer. I know what to do if I ever have an exhibition of my own. Do everything. Only thing is I know I can't - but then I trust no one.
I didn't even bother taking pictures. I just wanted to get out of there and sleep. I have been so busy otherwise with film.
I'll update this post with before and after pictures later on when I feel like it. I am so disenchanted with this whole exhibition shit that I just want it to be over. I should be happy and gawking and giving out cards too? Oh hell no.
Someone complained that I should be present at all times to talk about my work. GOD... please. As a Zen master said, "one word of explanation is too much". So leave me alone now let me fade into the background.
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