Friday, 10 September 2010


So my friend Gary of TriniLikeSalt fame has tumblr'd me! Hooray! You should definitely check his work out. I continue to be humbled by my fans, like Lisa who is one of my number ones. Marc, who has been in awe, to Dara who has been one of my rocks. There are so many others - you twitter folks know yourselves, and my main people. To my followers, lovelies, thanks for ongoing support.
Thank you to all who have RT'd, and commented and been absolutely amazing.

It's a longggg painstaking journey. At least I think I am making progress. Sometimes it's REALLY frustrating as I sit here working for hours without a paycheck, hoping it "pays off", literally.

Just thought you should know you all deserve squishy hugs. You guys keep me going.
I have some other projects going on and that will be revealed soon. Can't wait to get that launched. :)

1 comment:

WizzyTheStick said...

I'm a fan too!!! I don't comment regularly but I always visit the blog. Your work is awesome.

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