Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Line & Colour Showtime!

We're on till the 16th! Come join us!

 Here are a few photos from the show. You can find the rest here. For those who are not in the country, I will post a full art album after the show - you'll just have to hold on - we still need Grenadians to come in! Don't worry - the work will still be for sale!

Nadya Shah, Eddie Bowen, Alicia Milne, Tracey Chan

Me with the "Flow" Series

Nadya and part of her "Primordial" Series

Alicia and part of her "I am Here" Series

All in all opening night was intense, our week was long and tiring, but overall it was a fantastic trip for the girls, and for me. I miss having them! Boohoo :( It was great having my artsyfartsies to talk to again though, as well as having Eddie who was inspiring as always. We did some intense touristing over the weekend and I do owe my readers and my photoblog a bit of an update. I swear I only do the tourist thing when other people are here. Pathetic I know.

My thanks go to Caribbean Art Project for making this happen - Erik Johnson and Meg Conlon, the girls for coming up, Lexan Fletcher of Chit Chat (I've been on Grenada TV twice yo), the hard workers behind the scenes and everyone who has been awesome, especially my friends and family who continue to support my crazyosity.

Our buddy Anthony Grandy has done a great job on his review of the show, and is looking to be published. Anthony is a budding writer and collector (he bought a piece from each of us!). How fantastic is that?

Dara, Hayley, Sharla, Holly, Jase C, oh gosh the list will go on! <3 As William says, love you like peas ! There will be more gushing of love because I'm that kind of sappy.

I'm settling back in and planning new work again. Lots more to come. Whew!

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