Thursday, 14 July 2011

Creative Habits: Drawing Part 2

This is the continuing series of a Creative Habits challenge where I grow and develop my art practice. I hope you're following my journey.
The universe had been sort of slipping me a few hints here and there but my spirit wasn't quite there yet to catch up. My buddy Annand finally got me past my confusion point a while ago and alerted me to Tony Orrico. Holy moly. This has brought me to another level of thinking about the work that I'm doing, or not doing. I share it with you because it is pure genius.

I continue to be floored, fascinated, awestruck, i.e., screaming fan-girly about his work. I feel deeply connected because I remember the feeling of being in that state of creation while doing work that is large, overwhelming and exhausting. It is a great unforgettable high. I love the performance, the meditative quality and the sacred ritual of it all, at least in private.

This reminds me of brilliant shodo work and the live performances by calligraphy artists. Shodo is the art of Japanese calligraphy, an art of meditative movement. It is rich, profound, and spiritual. This is from the Art of Calligraphy website and is Prajnaparamita - The Mother of all Buddhas by Nadja Van Ghelue.
take a deep breath
and reach out for the one line.
from emptiness bring it
down to the paper
without hesitation.
concentrate your whole being
on writing.
draw the line
and let it go back
to the empty space.
on the white paper
the one line conceals
the way this happens
cannot be put in words.
it can only be seen
with the heart.

Meanwhile Shodo Girls is a film about Japanese school girls competing in a modern Shodo competition. Modernize that. I do love contemporary versions of shodo as well like this guy, Kotaro Hachinohe. Really beautiful work.

It seems that I want to continue this. I have never been a performance artist and never had plans on becoming one, however, it seems I am interested more and more in expressing myself in this way. We'll see how that works out.
That sort of creative space is heavenly to say the least. I've only had some experience of it, doing live collaborations with my friends (Hackett and detnator) and an audience. That was a very intimate setting, so transitioning to a more public setting is a unique experience. Public murals aside, I am seeking a different sort of audience/performance, and some cathartic connection. I am returning to my scroll for more analysis and because I want to start another series based upon it. Either that or I will be writing more about it, analysing it and moving forward.

Mental Vomit, 2007, installation

My current plans and experiments include music, drawing and video. Maybe not so much like this guy below. I've got no energy for that.

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