Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Hoobas

Gloria Hooba, 2011, Digital Illustration
Meet Gloria Hooba, a winged blob of love. She like pretty things and is easily distracted by them. Don't send clouds her way or she will have a diva-sized fit. Otherwise she's pretty cool.
Her ancestor pictured below is called Hoobalooba but this new breed of is just called a Hooba. I think she evolved from a grape that ate a butterfly. The reports are sketchy.
Hoobalooba, 2008, Digital Illustration
Note: Upon a Google search I found some other incidences of this word being used in children's illustration/ book. It's what I called her in 2008 and didn't actually copy it from anything else, but just in case, I've changed the name for the newer version to avoid being nailed for stealing or something. I hate having the same name for things as someone else especially when I made it up (dammit). I think I may have posted her back then or not - can't really be sure and too tired to go digging. It may have been on one of my old blogs.

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