Monday, 28 March 2011


Sorry folks, I'm totally run down. I'll be back in order in a while. Creative folk do get to take vacations too.

While I may not be on a real vacation I have to put the brakes on certain activities, like possibly blogging and photo editing.

Thanks for your support folks! I'll be around, but probably ignoring everything and everyone.

On a break! I'm pooped. I will be back with new lovely things I am sure.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Woman vs the Street

Woman Vs Street, 2011, Digital Illustration

Every day I am out of my house I have to deal with vile creepy men (VCM). (I am thus very much of a hermit) However, this is my neighbourhood, my life, my islands. I've never grown used to it.
It has formed the way I deal with males, and is deeply connected to the experience of being a Caribbean female.

In Grenada I've had the opportunity to experience a slightly different culture to Trinidad's in the realm of the VCM. Now there are those who will make a comment, but they usually attempt to be charming (absolutely failing), or they hide in the corner and shoo shoo among their friends. The Grenadians tend to be a touch less bold,  less racist, and try to be charming (sigh. no. just. no).

As you might guess, the VCM tends to appear out of nowhere, when you least expect it. They are everywhere. Their eyes are everywhere. Especially in small villages, it's more pronounced. Now I must make the distinction between pure small village "maco" behaviour and the VCM. They are connected socio-culturally, but I won't get into that.

This is simply my experience on the street. Every. Bloody. Day.

I stand at the side of the road,  the bus terminal, anywhere, and I see them driving along, walking, heads turning, eyes moving. Gross gross gross gross. SPIT. HISS. Excuse me while I vomit a little with a smile on my face. They tend to get aggressive when you do not respond and I'm not really up for that drama. Unfortunately my face does not lie and they pick up my revulsion. Oops.

I am sorry men. I know some of you are not VCMs, and I know many very charming wonderful humans and these idiots put you to shame. Oh well. (Nope not a feminist/lesbian/man-hater yet) :)

This artwork and post (albeit late) was done exclusively for the WomenSpeak Project. The WomenSpeak Project encourages women in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean Region to tell their stories of discrimination - in the home, in the workplace and in the public domain.
You can find the post is here  - the artwork is squished but I blame the Tumblr. Boo.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Tracey launches new series: Flutter at WOMA
New things, new happenings, new drawings, new experiments. I am quite excited by new work- returning to some old things, but adding something else. I've wanted to return to doing very delicate work, more focused themes and projects, for a long time.
This is work sprung out of conversations with a very special friend (not imaginary you jerks!). Anyway using that and things that started to make repeat appearances around me, I had to succumb. Butterflies. What? The thing is, I'm not really into butterflies, I do not have them hanging up all over the place and I still don't like caterpillars. (Anything creepy crawly!)

Here's the slideshow below and if you're on a phone or need the actual photos they are here on Flickr! I believe folks with iPhones and BBs have problems seeing embedded slideshows, but I just prefer using the slideshow format because, well, I can. I will be updating as I go along. You can also see these at my facebook page. Please leave your comments and questions there!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOMA: continues

Kirby is the superstar,  not us. Teehee.
So we are getting more press, more interviews and more photos! Eek. My friends have been chuckling at my stardom. Yeah ok, seriously, I'm not-that-popular really. Also if I hear one more thing like, "Don't forget the little people," I will have cause to thwap you.

Anyway we're almost a full week into the show, we've gotten some great sales and fantastic news all around. Thanks to everyone for all your  support!

Salim Nakhuda of Sin Pix as graciously provided us with his photos from the show. Check those out for sure!

Press coverage has been fairly good! Stacey and I were caught like good little zombies on Tuesday at the gallery for GBN - and ended up on the news. Yay panda eyes! I don't have a TV (ok I do but it's currently a table) so was not able to tune in. I hope we can get some electronic files so that we can post them up. (Please please?)

Repeating Islands has featured us on their blog as well so we are both quite grateful!

We will soon have another few interviews including FLOW (our girl Lexan has been an amazing supporter in the Arts) and other publications. There will be updates as we mosey along, so keep checking here, the WOMA  facebook page, and or the WOMA website!

Monday, 14 March 2011

WOMA Opening

Well Friday was crazy! We opened WOMA to a very full house on March 11th. We're averaging about 200 people (kind of a really good turnout for the Grenadian art community). Hooray! Some sales! Hooray! Our charity is definitely going to get some funds. Now we have two more weeks of this insanity.
Here are some of the photos from Friday. The full photo album is available at the WOMA page (and all over facebook): Follow me

Tracey, Loris Pascal (GNOW), Stacey
Trace and Stace
Tracey, Philippe Arnaud, Sandra Russo (Alliance Franรงaise), Stacey

Friday, 11 March 2011

Opening Day for WOMA

So yeah.
Bring that opening on babies.
We've had a long week.

Monday, 7 March 2011


We're almost ready to go. Submissions are in, we're getting ready to hang, and we can't wait (for it to be over).

We're still pushing this hard so please share it around!

Remember we have our WOMA website and facebook page so you can catch up there!

This week Stacey and I will be on Chit Chat with Lexan Fletcher at 11 am on Channel 6 on Flow in Grenada and channel 33 on Flow Trinidad (I believe).

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Inside Out

So JR, one of my favourite artists right now announced a new project: Inside Out.
Any creative person must watch this. This is about changing the world. This is about art being able to change the world. Enjoy! It's worth it the 24 minutes of your time.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Suelin Low Chew Tung: ShortKnee as Art

Suelin is doing some great work here! Really awesome show! 30+ works :) I'm quite proud of her!

You can read all of her stuff at her blog: Artstung in Grenada.

Here's a bit from ARC Mag about the show as well and here my photos from opening night. Enjoy!

Remember if you're in Grenada the show is at #9 Young Street, St. George's, and it goes until the 5th March!

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